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Abandoned 16th Century Renaissance church is adapted into a character-filled home

Nadine Samwell 7 December 2020

Welcome to the Jungle House is a machine of sustainability

Nadine Samwell 24 August 2020

Owl Woods is a Passive House resembling a cluster of birdhouses

Nadine Samwell 13 October 2020

Adaptable home allows you to change the way it looks and feels

Nadine Samwell 14 January 2021
Recycled timber
Sustainable home with timber floorboards
Timber kitchen with concrete floor
Yellow ottoman on carpet floor
Couple splattered with paint
Close up of sustainable materials
Plywood and brick walls
Green kitchen made from Paperock TACTILE with timber flooring
Timber kitchen with concrete floor
Yellow ottoman on carpet floor
Couple splattered with paint
Recycled timber
House with scaffolding
3D The Impossible House
Front facade painted green
Green kitchen made from Paperock TACTILE with timber flooring
Mark Tuckey Locator Table cropped
Fawn coloured rug on concrete floor

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Women eating food from cheeseboard on picnic rug
Renovate or Rebuild
Timber kitchen with concrete floor
Yellow ottoman on carpet floor
Eco Edition_Votch_Vegan watches_Sustainable living 5-min
Earth bag building with thatched roof
Eco Edition_Ibuku_Bambu Indah_architecture interiors 1
World Habitat Day logo
Brick home with timber verandah
Man restoring a Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chair
Bricked screen in loungeroom

Through our articles, Eco Edition explores the latest and the most inspiring sustainable architecture and design projects covering a comprehensive list of categories to ignite your imagination, including: passive design, passive solar heating, passive solar cooling, thermal mass, insulation, biophilic design, sustainable building materials, recycled building materials, timber homes, passive house or passivhaus buildings, low embodied energy, carbon neutral, sustainable, eco friendly, energy efficient homes, all electric homes, circular economy and many more.

From mud brick homes, to timber skyscrapers, tiny homes, adaptive reuse projects and everything in between, we explore creative ideas and uncover the beauty of sustainable architecture across the world.

We’ll also include plenty of architectural drawings so you can see exactly how things were done, including: eco house designs and floor plans, eco house plans, eco home designs, eco friendly home plans, self sufficient house design, eco kitchen design, small eco house plans, sustainable architecture for family homes, eco office design, eco home design plans, modern eco house designs, modern eco house plans, simple eco house design, eco friendly apartment design.

What is environmentally sustainable architecture? Sustainable architecture or sustainable interior design aims to minimise the negative environmental impact of homes and buildings by efficiency, moderation and consideration in the use of materials, energy and water usage, appropriateness of the site for the building’s requirements and the ecosystem at large.

Sustainable architecture and design projects use an integrative approach to the consumption of energy, water and ecological conservation in the design and construction of the built environment.

Architects, designers, home renovators and builders have a responsibility of building in a manner which helps to sustain the earth, rather than continue to damage it and deplete it of all its life-giving, natural resources.

Many architects, interiors, designers, companies and institutions of all sizes are working towards integrating a number of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into their projects and daily operations. There are 17 goals and they were created to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. Read about it here.

Sustainable architecture and design is also referred to as eco architecture, eco interior design, green architecture, green design, green interior design, eco friendly design.