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Timber cabin with moveable walls
View of sustainable timber cabin next to lake
Woman sitting on deck of timber cabin

The Anna Cabin has moveable walls which slide apart to connect you with nature. Designed by Caspar Schols, the timber home is built on an open platform and features a glass sliding shell and a timber sliding shell which can be reconfigured depending on the weather, how you want to use or or your mood. You can have a space which is connected to the landscape or a cozy timber cocoon-like space.

Dining room in the all timber cabin
Timber cabin next to lake

There is one fixed module of the cabin which houses the kitchen, bathroom and storage space with a mezzanine above to house a second sleeping space.

The cabins are built using sustainably grown and untreated larch timber with the walls internally lined with birch ply and are insulated with 5cm of sawdust. Large overhanging eaves protect any horizontal windows in the fixed module

The cabins come in two configurations – ANNA Stay, designed as a guesthouse or holiday retreat and ANNA Meet which allows flexibility to have uses such as running yoga classes, educational space or hosting meetings.

The cabins are factory manufactured and can be delivered to site in a flat pack ready to be assembled anywhere in the world.

Woman sitting on bed inside timber cabin
Timber kitchen in timber cabin
Timber structure of timber cabin

Sustainability specs:
– Sustainably grown untreated larch
– Birch plywood interior wall lining
– Walls insulated using 5cm of sawdust
– Built offsite, flat packed and delivered to site
– Has the option of an off-grid version

Woman sitting next to log burner inside timber cabin
View from mezzanine bedroom
Timber frame
All timber kitchen with view of lake
Larch timber cabin external view
From the architect:

ANNA is flexible as clothing. Any weather, mood or occasion. Simply arrange and rearrange its layers.

Thanks to its ability to adapt and change, ANNA reflects the beautiful changes taking place outdoors. Such as the sun emerging after a torrential rainstorm bathing the living room in light, a flock of swallows swarming above the opened roof, a sudden gust of wind blowing through the dining space, or the ripples of the nearby lake reflecting on the facade to provide dynamic patterns. The cabin is just another organism within the larger eco-system.

Images courtesy of Anna Cabin and Caspar Schols. Photography by Tonu Tunnel and Jorrit ‘t Hoen
Via www.designboom.com

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