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Bell Chair by Konstantin Grcic Design

Orange bell chair
Bell chairs with a table in the dining area
A woman arranging the bell chair under the timber table

Released this week, the new Bell chair designed by Konstantin Grcic Design is made from recycled polypropylene, generated by industrial waste. Weighing in at only 2.7kg, the chair weighs almost half of a typical plastic chair which makes it easy to stack and transport around on the specially designed delivery pallet, which is made from the same recycled polypropylene.

A hand holding the orange bell chair
Bell chairs next to wall

The rounded shape of the chair is not only welcoming but is designed to be extremely comfortable and structurally strong.

The chair will be sold by Magis.

A pile of Bell Chair in the backyard with brick walls
Close up of pile A pile of Bell Chair
Pile of bell chair above chair organizer

Sustainability specs:
– Made from one material – recycled polypropylene generated by industrial waste
– The lightweight nature of the chair and the use of a single material causes less energy consumption during construction
– 100% of the chair can be recycled again after use
– The reusable delivery pallet can stack up to 24 chairs which results in less packaging material required

Orange bell chair next to translucent polycarbonate wall
A black bell chair next to orange table
Bell Chair branding
Bell Chair by Konstantin Grcic Design
From the architect:

The aim was to produce a high-quality chair using a bare minimum of material. The ecological aspiration behind the project also helped us to achieve another goal: we wanted BELL to be affordable for everyone!

Images courtesy of Magis

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