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Glazed facade of Boge Friggars with timber cladding
Ocean view from timber verandah
Timber home with timber verandah and glazing

Boge Friggars is a collection of 5 summer timber houses, built with passive house standards, on the island of Gotland in Sweden with views towards grass fields and the ocean. Designed by architect Scott Rasmusson Kallander, he drew inspiration from wharfs and old timber houses, resulting in a design which conveys solidity, simplicity and timelessness. The detailing typically seen in timber wharfs, with their heavy timber structure and beautiful robustness is echoed in the oversized timber structural elements of the homes.

Side view of timber home with timber cladding and glazing
Timber steps onto timber verandah

Swedish design standards and regulations are so high that what would typically be considered a passive house in other countries are standard fare for them. Double glazing, highly insulated, heat pump technology providing ventilation and heating are all part of the norm in these homes, making them low energy use homes. The Swedes ‘standard’ design is our exceptional (in Australia at least) but we are slowly making up some ground and in the meantime we’ll continue to look at countries like them for inspiration and hope.

Large expanses of double glazed windows and doors connect the living spaces with the views of the gentle grassy landscape and the ocean views beyond. The homes are design as two halves – with the public spaces orientated towards the sun and the views with the private spaces of the bedrooms and bathrooms are cocooned at the rear of the home surrounded by forest.

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Timber lined breezeway in timber house
View from timber verandah into loungeroom
Side view of timber home with large double glazed windows

Sustainability specs:
– Timber houses with passive house standards
– Double glazed windows
– Highly insulated walls and roof
– Ventilation and under floor heating provided by heat pump technology
– Extensive use of timber – in structural elements, external wall cladding, timber decking
– Large expanses of glazing provide natural lighting
– Large eaves to protect the home from the summer sun

Angled exterior view of timber verandah and double glazed windows on timber house
Close up view of glazed bedroom doors leading to verandah
Boge Friggars floor plan
Boge Friggars sections
Boge Friggars house site plan
From the architect:

The solid wooden houses are situated by the shore of the Baltic sea. The exposed wooden construction and large windows floats above, reflects and blends into the rough and untouched landscape.

Images courtesy of Scott Rasmusson Kallander. Photography by Anna Sundstrom

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