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Side view of Braunstein Taphouse
Glazed wall of Braunstein Taphouse
Bar wall timber shelving acoustic ceiling panels

The Braunstein Taphouse in Koge, Denmark was designed for disassembly. Located on a section of municipality owned harbourside land which is part of the city’s climate adaption strategy, this building may not be able to stay in it’s current location. So the building was designed for ease of relocation or for each of it’s components to be reused in other projects.

Interior view looking towards the harbour
Exterior view of Braunstein Taphouse with external lighting

Designed by Adept Architects, this was achieved by using a limited number of simple building materials, which have been left in their original state. This will ensure the materials can easily be relocated or reused, plus it has helped to reduce the amount of construction waste compared to similar projects. The timber facade is clad in environmentally certified Accoya timber and the roof sheeting is click-joint polycarbonate. Inside, the floor is laid with a waste product from a nearby flooring manufacturer and all wall surfaces have not been painted or grouted. FSC certified birch timber and plywood have been used to create the masses of shelving behind the bar and furniture is from TAKT, who produce seriously gorgeous sustainably produced furniture which is flat packable (is that even a word? You know what I mean!). This means that you’re not paying to transport a lot of air, which is crazy when you think about it.

The building is partly self-sufficient with rooftop solar panels providing a portion of the building’s energy needs and the use of natural ventilation reduces the need for air conditioning. With both ends of the building completely encased in glass and most of the ground floor facade made up of glass, the interior is flooded with natural and expansive harbour views. What a fabulous place to enjoy a beer or two!

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Small bar flat pack furniture
Exterior view of sloped metal roof and external staircase
First floor structural beams timber floor

Sustainability specs:
– Constructed with simple materials and mechanical fixings, designed for disassembly
– FSC sustainable birch timber used for shelving
– Troldtekt acoustic panels used for internal wall and ceiling lining, made from certified wood and is Cradle to Cradle certified
– Sustainably produced furniture is from www.taktcph.com @taktcph
– Rooftop solar panels contribute to the building’s energy needs
– Natural ventilation reduces the need for mechanical ventilation

Axo view of Braunstein Taphouse
Close up view of main bar with full height timber shelves
External view of glazed end of building at night
Internal view looking towards harbour acoustic panels on ceiling
Long view looking down timber tables inside Braunstein Taphouse
From the architect:

It was important to us to design the taphouse as a locally anchored building that supports the idea of a new local meeting place. The significant gables are inspired by some of the old warehouses at the harbor, which is part of making the building a natural part of the raw maritime identity. Because of the possibility of a limited lifespan for the building, we have worked with principles from ’design for disassembly’, which means that the house is constructed with only mechanical joints.

Images courtesy of Adept Architects. Photography by Rasmus Hjortshoj from Coast Studio

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