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CLT House by FMD Architects

View of the CLT House's sawtooth roof when it is encircled by trees
Sawtooth roof interior with CLT ceiling
CLT living room with a window that looks out to the forest

CLT house was designed to minimise steel and maximise timber by using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). The architects love affair with CLT can be seen at every turn of the eye – it has been used as large-span beams, flooring, walls, stairs and joinery. The rhythmic quality of the sawtooth roof is both stunning and practical with the pitch roofs to the north housing an extensive solar array and integrate high level windows to capture the light.

A woman walking in the kitchen and dining area
Close-up view of the kitchen area of CLT House
Library area in Sawtooth roof interior and CLT ceiling

Designed by FMD Architects, the highly considered, sustainable home was achieved through precision driven construction yet it exudes a sense of serenity, softness and includes some quirky surprises such as the form of the bulkhead of the island bench and the glazed sliding window used to capture breezes and seperate the main bedroom from the ensuite.

Distant view of the CLT House, which is encircled by trees and has a visible sawtooth roof
View of the CLT House sawtooth roof in the distance with a car parked in the garage
View of a sawtooth roof in the distance with installed solar panels

Sustainability specs:
– Cross laminated timber (CLT) used as an alternative to steel and is also used for walls, floors, stairs, beams and joinery
– Double glazed windows
– Sawtooth roof with high level windows face north to capture sun
– Photovoltaic solar panels installed on the pitched roofs which powers the whole house
– Cross ventilation is achieved through placement of slot windows
– Roof peaks have integrated motorised ventilation slots to release excess heat
– Industrial ceiling fans used in CLT House

Inside view of the CLT stair with black handrail
View of the CLT stair in detail with black baluster
Deck view of the CLT House surrounded by trees
From the architect:

The views from the interior are continually changing throughout the days and seasons. Each triangular window offers its own unique view of the treetops and sky, while the lower slot windows offer surprising glimpses at a smaller scale of the local flora and fauna.

Images courtesy of FMD Architects. Photography by Dianna Snape

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