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An undulating timber trussed roof covers the timber framed Congress and Exhibition Centre

Glulam timber structure
Front view of undulating timber trussed roofline
Timber structure with glazing

An undulating timber trussed roof covers the timber framed Congress and Exhibition Centre in Agordo, Italy. Designed by Studio Botter and Studio Bressan, the form of the roof takes it’s design cues from the surrounding mountainous landscape. The extensive use of wood was influenced by traditional alpine construction methods, as well as a wish to build sustainably.

Timber construction with exposed timber beams
Cantilevered timber roof

The load bearing structure is made from glulam (glued laminated timber), including the pillars, roof beams and bracing struts. There are minimal interior finishes, allowing for the timber structure to be both practical and beautiful. Straw coloured wood fibre panels line the solid walls and provide acoustic insulation as well as additional textural interest to the expansive walls.

A large cantilevered roof shades the building’s interior from direct summer sun and allows low winter sun to warm the concrete slab flooring. This helps to reduce the building’s overall mechanical heating and cooling requirements.

This light-filled multi-purpose building has and interior free of structural columns which allows the building to be used for a wide variety of needs.

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Timber trusses and timber internal structural beams
Wood wool insulation panels
Close up view of exposed timber ceiling trusses

Sustainability specs:
– All timber structure and cladding
– Glulam beams cover a span of 45 metres
– Large roof overhangs to shade the building from harsh summer sun, allows winter sun to warm the concrete slab
– Concrete floor provides thermal mass to absorb winter sun
– Reduction of mechanical heating and cooling
– Expansive glass curtain walls provide ample natural light

Full height glazed curtain wall
Glazed wall and timber trussed roof
Close up view of structural timber construction
Man cleaning polished concrete floors
Timber roof trusses in construction
From the architect:

The site’s position in a transition zone between an old industrial area and a residential neighbourhood meant we could explore elements of both in our design, so the roofline presents a residential gable to the street and an industrial sawtooth profile to the laneway. Recycled red bricks, concrete lintels and natural timber also nod to both the brick warehouses and the heritage homes that sit side-by-side in Brunswick. Being on the corner of the lane allowed us to build right to the edge of the site, with the front door to each townhouse opening directly onto the laneway. In keeping with the street setback, the front yard is maintained as a shared space – only fitting for a project with collaboration at its heart!

Images courtesy of Studio Botter and Studio Bressan. Photography by Simone Bossi
Via www.studiobotter.it

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