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Everyone can learn about sustainable and healthy materials

It doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming

Let me show you how

Choosing sustainable and healthy materials

Free checklist

This is a great tool to get you started on your journey of renovating or building your dream green home.

In this checklist, you’ll discover 40 of the first steps you’ll need to take before you start choosing sustainable and healthy materials for your home renovation or new build. 
It’s not quite everything, but it will get you moving in the right direction.
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Eco Materials Library book cover

The Eco Materials Library

Have you started searching for sustainable and healthy materials and realised you don’t know what to look for or where to look?

The search for materials for your home can be a confusing and exhausting job.
The Eco Materials Library will make your search quick and easy for you.
This simple to use library contains hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers who produce the best materials for your sustainable home.
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Laptop with text The Sustainable Kitchen Method

The Sustainable Kitchen Method online course

Renovating a kitchen can add the most value to your home, plus it can take up the biggest chunk of your budget. There are many things you need to consider to get your kitchen right, especially if you also want it to be sustainable and healthy!

In one mega lesson and 7 material guides, you’ll learn how to choose the best materials and finishes for your dream green kitchen. There will be no nasty surprises in your kitchen!
Plus, you’ll be invited to join a members-only community where you can connect with other homeowners who are creating their own eco homes, just like you. Oh, and did I mention the free lesson and workbook to help you set your sustainability goals? This course really does cover everything you need!
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Laptop with text The Sustainable Bathroom Method

The Sustainable Bathroom Method online course

The Sustainable Bathroom Method is a self-paced online short course where you’ll learn the easy way how to choose every single material in your bathroom. You’ll feel total confidence that you’ve chosen the right materials to suit your budget, your style, your lifestyle and your sustainability goals.

Bathrooms can be complicated spaces and tricky to get right, especially if you also want it to be sustainable and healthy!
Over one huge lesson jam packed with value, you’ll learn what’s wrong with traditional materials and how to choose the right ones for your bathroom. Plus you’ll receive 7 easy to follow material guides to help you make the best choices for you, the easy way. You’ll feel supported, encouraged and inspired every step of the way with your exclusive access to my members only community. Not sure what your sustainability goals are? That’s ok, because I’m also giving you a free lesson and workbook to help you get clear on what you really want so you don’t waste time, effort and money doing the wrong things.
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The Sustainable Materials Method online course

If you’re ready to create your own sustainable and healthy home but need help choosing the right materials, then The Sustainable Materials Method online course is for you.

Over five modules and step-by-step lessons, I’ll teach you my process so you’ll know how to choose the right materials to suit every room in your dream eco home. I’ll provide you with all the tools, templates and guides you’ll need, plus you’ll be part of a welcoming and supportive community.
By joining my ‘Sustainable Materials Method’ self-paced course, you’ll go from being overwhelmed and confused to feeling confident you can choose materials to suit your style, budget, sustainability goals and lifestyle. Sounds great, doesn’t it?
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More courses and resources to come!

Please contact me if there’s something you’d really like to learn about, or if you have any questions.

You can email me on designschool@ecoedition.net

About the course creator

Nadine Samwell founder of Eco Edition

Hi, my name is Nadine Samwell and I’m an interior designer and the founder of Eco Edition and the Eco Edition Design School.

The Design School is the number one way to find all the information you need about all the countless types of sustainable materials and how to use them, in one spot. I’ve pulled everything together to save you endless hours of research and headaches – to make the process of choosing sustainable materials as easy as possible.

Everyone knows that renovating or building a new home is an intense experience. You’ve got thousands of decisions to be made, about things you’re not experienced in and sometimes those decisions need to be made so quickly it makes your head spin. And then there’s the ever-present budget to consider. All of this can be overwhelming enough, but if you’ve also decided you want a sustainable home then you can enter into complete state of mind melting paralysis.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. It can actually be quite straight forward and dare I say it – fun and rewarding!

I created the Eco Edition Design School to help smooth out lots of the bumps in the renovation or rebuild road for you.

Maybe you’re trying to work out which flooring type or paint type is the most sustainable for you – I’ve created lessons and tools to help you nail that decision. Or maybe you’re renovating your kitchen and you’re wondering what you need to consider to make it as practical, healthy and as sustainable as possible. Perhaps you’re a bit confused about what a sustainable and healthy home means to you, and how it can change your lifestyle for the better – I’ll guide you through creating your goals to make your renovation or new build so much easier.

I hear from loads of homeowners that they think they’ve got no sense of style and they don’t trust themselves to choose materials which look great together – well I’ve created lessons full of insider tips and tricks to help you determine what your own style is and how to achieve it.

I’ve been an interior designer for over 15 years and a serial renovator for over 20 years. I’ve got a passion, or an obsession really, for creating sustainable homes and if I’m not renovating my own home, I’m helping a friend or family member with theirs. And when I’m not working or helping others with their own projects, I’m usually reading design magazines or books or am watching design shows. I’ve also undertaken studies about sustainable and healthy materials and I regularly attend workshops too. So as you can see, I’m totally hooked on sustainable design.

Throughout my interior design career, I’ve worked on loads of different types of projects with different types of clients, and I’ve always tried to make every project as sustainable as possible. Over this time, I’ve had the opportunity to try out lots of different types of materials and finishes and have spoken to countless builders, tradies and manufacturers about what works best and how to achieve the best results to suit your goals.

I started Eco Eco Edition as a passion project. Throughout my career, I’ve found myself looking for a design blog which featured inspiring sustainable homes and gorgeous materials and furniture – but I couldn’t find it. So I decided to start a blog myself. In this time I’ve researched and written about many different types of eco friendly homes and have interviewed the architects and designers who’ve created them.

So I’ve combined my experience as an interior designer and home renovator with all the knowledge and wisdom I’ve learnt from the many architects, designers and manufacturers I’ve interviewed for Eco Edition – along with my dedication to researching sustainable materials to bring you the Eco Edition Design School. It’s the go-to place to help guide you through your materials selection process to help you create a sustainable and healthy home you’ll love to live in.

Click on my checklist or online course and take your first step towards your new home today.