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Etsy HQ by Gensler

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The Etsy HQ in Brooklyn, New York is one of the largest Living Building Challenge (LBC) Petal certified buildings in New York. The architects, gensler, set out to create a new standard for sustainable design and construction in a renovation project by interweaving sustainability attributes throughout the vibrant and craft-filled workspace.

Eco Edition_Gensler_Etsy_Architecture interiors 1
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The 200,000 sq foot space includes a wellness suite featuring a parent’s room, yoga studio, quiet room, garden library and gender neutral bathroom plus their is a communal rooftop terrace.

Eco Edition_Gensler_Etsy_Architecture interiors 4
Eco Edition_Gensler_Etsy_Architecture interiors 3

Sustainability specs:
– 100% renewable energy usage which utilises the rooftop solar panels
– Bike storage to encourage active commuting to work
– Vetting more than 1,500 materials to ensure all materials complied with the – – Living Building Challenge Red List, had low embodied carbon footprint and were sourced responsibly
– Reclaimed materials were used extensively
– Over 90% of the construction waste was diverted from landfill
– Extensive use of indoor plants and living green walls to provide a healthy interior environment and to provide a visual connection to nature
– Rainwater storage system with direct piping to feed the living walls
– Water efficient fixtures
– VOC-free paints
– LED lighting installed throughout, which uses up to 30% less energy then flourescent bulbs
– Local makers fabricated 50% of the furnishings
– Local makers, manufacturers and artists were used wherever possible
– Employees are encouraged to recycled and compost their rubbish

Eco Edition_Gensler_Etsy_Architecture interiors 6
Eco Edition_Gensler_Etsy_Architecture interiors 10
From the architect:

LBC Certification is administered by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) and serves as one of the world’s most rigorous sustainability standards for buildings. The three-year journey began with a broad vision as partner to the Etsy community, which is realized through four key design concepts: celebrating the art of making; telling the Etsy story through a narrative journey; embracing nature; and capitalizing on sustainable, authentic and locally sourced materials. Faithfully carried out in every detail, these concepts resulted in a space in which Etsy can truly live its mission.

Images courtesy of Archier and Hip V. Hype. Photography by Tess Kelly

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