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The lush garden-themed pop up looks like it was created from the earth

Rammed earth shop counter
Looking across rammed earth counter to shop windows

The lush garden-themed Flamingo Estate pop up was designed to look like it was created from the earth and could easily be returned back to it. The rammed earth counter in the centre of the store is inset with coloured stone fragments and topped tiles adhered using a mixture of mud and earth, to ensure they can be re-used on future projects.

Rammed earth with tiled counter top
Close up view of products on tiled countertop

Sitting on the counter is a handmade, organic sculpture created by the project designers Alex Reed and Dutra Brown using scagliola – plaster made from gypsum, glue and pigments. An emerald green wall and verdant mural of rolling hills provide a garden themed backdrop to display the products and their ingredients.

Flamingo Estate offers holistic products for the body, home, fresh produce and pantry items, with many of the ingredients sourced from the grounds its sprawling estate in the nearby hills of Eagle Rock, Los Angeles.

The designers set out to create a space which felt like “a small, secret corner of the estate itself…as if it was lifted from the earth and bought to the store”.

The hand made and organic vibe of the store mirrors the ethos of the brand who use produce from regenerative farming and steer clear of synthetic chemicals or compounds in their products.

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Glass bottles on green wall
Close up view of ingredients in glass bottles on green wall
Close up of sculpture sitting on gravel

Sustainability specs:
– Rammed earth counter – made from clay, decomposed granite, sand and aggregate
– Tiles grout is mud and earth, tiles to be reused for a future residential project
– Glass jars used on display wall
– Timber frameworks to be disassembled and recycled for other projects
– Biophilic design – organic and tactile materials, tree-like sculpture, landscape themed mural

Cutout in counter top looking towards landscape mural
Side view of tilted tiled product display
Close up of rammed earth counter with aggregate
From the architect:

For Flamingo Estate’s first physical location, we looked to the company’s ‘hands-in-the dirt’ ideals of what is luxurious and covetable today.

We’ve utilized our respective expertise to design and build a project centred around materiality – this collage of organic material and sculptural form, together with provenance and fantasy, celebrates what we love about Flamingo Estate.

Images courtesy of Alex Reed and Dutra Brown. Photography by Christian Hogstedt
Via www.dezeen.com

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