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The FLEXSE is a small footprint, prefab home made from 100% recyclable materials

Timber cabin or tiny home
Timber tiny home with round window
Rear of FLEXSE timber small footprint cabin

Designed by SA Lab in Russia, the FLEXSE is a first prototype of a compact, prefabricated module with a multitude of uses, made from recyclable materials. It was based on a traditional scandinavian grill house, which is a small backyard building fitted out with grill tables and chimneys. Despite being typically designed for the colder months, if the doors and windows are thrown open in Summer the space easily adapts and can be used in a different way.

The FLEXSE was initially conceived to be a modern take on a grill house but it could also be used as a sauna, guest house, tiny house, cafe, retail store or a home office.

Dining table next to round window in timber tiny home
Round timber window with timber lined wall

It is made from a simple materials palette which are 100% recyclable – locally sourced pine timber, metal and glass. Further adding to the offering of adaptability, you can modify your finishes and layout to suit your requirements.

The module prefabricated and then can be easily assembled in parts onsite, and it gives you the freedom to choose the foundation type best suited to your location.

There has been a huge surge of interest in recent years for tiny houses and for multi-use spaces and structures such as these are becoming increasingly popular.

Inside Scandinavian-style grill house
Scandinavian grill in corner of timber room
Exterior black wall lights on timber facade

Sustainability specs:
– 100% recyclable materials
– Made from locally sourced pine wood, metal and glass
– Highly insulated
– Multi-use space
– Prefabricated, manufactured off site and delivered to site in kit of parts

Dining table next to round window in timber tiny house
Exterior view of timber tiny house covered in snow
Plan view of FLEXSE
FLEXSE usage options
Section view of FLEXSE
From the architect:

While working on FLEXSE we were inspired by the tiny house philosophy. The ellipse shape of the building allows to maximize the usability of internal space. It is important to note that the building is suitable for use in any season. In winter inside the building you can comfortably cook and relax and in summer you can use the open terrace.

Images courtesy of SA Lab. Photography by Ekaterina Titenko
Via www.archdaily.com

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