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Kamsia House is an open air pavilion made from bamboo

Bamboo hut pool and living area while surrounded by greenery
Looking up bamboo structure house
Distant view of Kamsia House by architects TenTen Design with interior lights on

Kamsia House is an organically shaped pavilion made almost entirely from locally sourced bamboo and constructed by local artisans. Designed by architects TenTen Design, the dwelling steps down the existing terraced site to minimise it’s impact on the surroundings.

Large overhanging eaves provided by the gently rounded roof give much needed shade to the interiors and the pavilion is cooled through unimpeded cross flow ventilation – it’s completely open to the elements! Soft curtains can be used as insect and privacy screens as required.

Distant view of Bamboo House with pool
Open curtain looking through greenery

Located in Ubud, Bali the open nature of the house allows you to be completely immersed in the surrounding jungle with views towards the river valley below and the bamboo plantation on the neighbouring property.

The respect and love of using bamboo as a construction material is celebrated everywhere you look – from the gorgeous ceiling to the beautifully crafted staircase.

Architect Ewe Jin Low is so passionate about building with bamboo that he runs workshops, courses and talks on designing and constructing with bamboo.

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A woman sitting in the bamboo lounge area
Bamboo ceiling and post
Bamboo staircase and railing in Kamsia House

Sustainability specs:
– Locally sourced bamboo
– Constructed by local artisans
– Built into existing terraced land with minimal cut and fill of site
– Passive design
– Generous overhangs to provide shade in summer
– Cross ventilation and occasional use of ceiling fans for cooling
– Water is sourced from well
– Bamboo construction waste was repurposed into furniture, fittings and accessories
– Property fencing constructed from bamboo or living fence

Looking below to bamboo pile walls of a house
Outdoor shower area with stone and wood chunks
Bamboo ceiling and bamboo gutter
Timber floor and bamboo railing
From the architect:

The building form is organic and non-cuboid, symbolic of perhaps a fresh water organism or insect. It features a curved skirt roof and a forked tail roof above the bathroom.

Images courtesy of Tenten Design. Photography by Tenten Design
Via www.tentendesign.com

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