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Laurel Grove by Kirsten Johnstone Architects

Front exterior view of rammed earth blade walls with glass windows
Distant deck view with a young lady seated while reading book
Burnished concrete flooring in the kitchen and living room with a log burner

Laurel Grove home was designed to celebrate sustainable materials and artfully combines rammed earth, Australian timber and burnished concrete. The rammed earth blade walls serve a dual function of protecting the home from the western sun and provide solar mass properties, along with the ground floor burnished concrete slab.

The kitchen area in white walls with a countertop and stool
A close-up of a countertop and stool in the kitchen area
Kitchen sink hallway to the laundry area

Designed by Kirsten Johnstone Architecture, the home is sited on land with a Significant Landscape Overlay which requires the conservation and enhancement of landscape qualities inherent in the area. This requirement bought about the use of materials which were sustainable and respectful to the area while generous window frames provide views of the unique surrounding bush-surburban landscape.

Living room's hallway with timber ceiling cladding and burnish concrete floor
A woman reading a book while seated next to a glass window
Bedside office area with the view of trees in the glass window

Sustainability specs:
– Rammed earth walls used as thermal mass
– Burnished concrete flooring on the ground floor used as thermal mass
– Australian ecologically sourced timbers used as cladding and internally
– Large, well-placed windows provide ample natural light
– Drought tolerant garden with gravel paths

Fronting the open dining area is a timber courtyard with timber cladding and rammed earth walls
A patio timber pergola with an above-ground pool on the side and a view of the trees around it
Timber stair railing cladding in detailed view from the window
Burnished concrete floor in the hallway and a timber staircase railing and tread
Timber vanity top with black walls in the bathroom
From the architect:

Upon completion of the project, the clients have become innately attached to their home and the immediate area, joining the local environmental group to ensure future developments in the area are similarly sensitively designed in this much-treasured bush-suburban streetscape.

Images courtesy of Kirsten Johnstone Architecture. Photography by Tatjana Plitt

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