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LilliHaus floating home by SysHaus

Distant view of the LilliHaus floating home with sliding glass doors
Aerial view of the LilliHaus floating home with rooftop solar panels
Distant view of the LilliHaus floating home with beach chair and umbrella

This gorgeous tiny off-grid prefab floating home can be assembled in just two days. Called LilliHaus, the self contained home is 3.2m w x 12m long and can be mounted atop a catamaran hull and sailed to a speed of four knots. The Brazillian architects, SysHaus, produce the homes on computer-controlled automatic machines to guarantee low construction waste, traceability of materials and quality of product.

The worker assembling the tiny off-grid prefab floating home
A sliding glass door separating the deck from the kitchen-dining room of the floating house

There is also an option to construct the house on land and there are various floor plan configurations so you can use each module individually or combined to form a larger house.

What a fantastic idea to make the home adaptable for land and sea! Tiny homes just keep getting better and better.

Small seating space with a couch and a log-burning stove
Floating house bedroom with a sliding glass door that overlooks the lake

Sustainability specs:
– Rooftop solar panels and battery storage system generate all the energy requirements for the floating home
– Drinking water is sourced from the water on which it sits and is treated
– Rainwater collection tank also used for fresh water requirements
– All blackwater and greywater pass through a three-phase biodegester system so water can be returned back to it’s original source
– Energy efficient lighting and appliances are used
– Natural ventilation is used for cooling
– Wood fired combustion heater used in cooler weather
– Natural materials used throughout
– Skylights minimise lighting requirements

A speed boat approaching to LilliHaus floating home after sunset with the interior lights are on
Aerial view of a floating home surrounded by waters and greenery
Aerial view of the LilliHaus floating home with rooftop solar panels
From the architect:

LilliHaus is the largest house in the SysHaus plug&play family. All of them are sent to the place completely ready and finished, and can even be delivered with all the furniture and equipment and are assembled in a maximum of two days. The lilliHaus has dimensions of 3.20 meters wide by 12 meters long, maximum width so that transportation in Brazil can be done in trucks without the use of escort.

Images courtesy of SysHaus. Photography by SysHaus

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