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Materials board – Eucalyptus green & timber


Choosing materials for an interior design project is always a process of trial and error.

Take a behind the scenes look at how I finalise the materials for a new kitchen project I’m working on.


I always need to try out a few different options before I nail the final selection. So if you’re choosing materials for your home, make sure you always get lots of samples to choose from.

In this quick vid I’m trying to decide which tap finish works best with the materials I’ve chosen so far. All the materials are sustainable and healthy, including the taps! The taps will be from Faucet Strommen.

Which is your favourite 1, 2 or 3? Let me know in the comments below.

See below for the image I went with in the end. 

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Sustainable material board


I tap finish I chose was finish 3, which is called Raw Brushed Brass. It is a bit brighter than the other options I looked at, and it gives the materials palette a little more life and vibrancy.

I can’t wait to present it to my lovely client. I think it’s going to look great in their home. Hope they adore it as much as I do!


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