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External view of timber home and garden
Exterior view of gabled roof with timber wall
Couple relaxing on balcony with dog

Mi Cielo Lodge is an eco retreat in a secluded part of the mountains near the Navado de Toluca volcano in Mexico. The retreat was designed to generate consciousness and a respect towards the environment. This mountain escape is completely off-grid and the retreat uses candle light, solar energy, water harvesting and composting toilets.

View through timber home with gabled roof and glazing window
Large windows with timber walls and flooring in the living room

Designed by architects Raúl Galindo + Patricio Galindo, the property is home to three wooden cabins, one main house, an outdoor kitchen with fire pit and a vegetable garden. Locally sourced pine is the predominant material used in all cabins and local stone makes a feature on the property too.

Each cabin in this off-grid eco retreat is nestled into it’s own private green sanctuary, with a verandah perfectly suited to relaxing and reconnecting with nature. To cater to all needs and budgets, each cabin has it’s own distinctive design style and configuration of rooms, but an airy loft bedroom is available in all, encouraging you to lie in bed in the mornings and enjoy the relaxing view of the forest.

There is no electricity or internet in the cabins, so your devices can be put away. Candlelight is the main source of lighting, which further enhances the feeling of disconnecting with the world however the kitchen and bathroom are lit with dimmable solar lamps.

A gorgeous outdoor communal kitchen situated right next to the river also has a fire pit, providing the perfect backdrop for relaxing meal times and nights passed lazily around the open fire.

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Outdoor kitchen and fire pit surrounded by trees
Wooden steps up to wooden verandah
Loft bedroom with bed in off-grid timber cabin

Sustainability specs:
– The cabins are off-grid
– Composting toilet
– Solar energy used to providing lighting in kitchen and bathroom but elsewhere, candles are used
– Water is harvested onsite
– Locally sourced materials – pine and stone
– An insulated icebox is provided instead of a fridge
– Translucent roof sheeting and skylights aid in providing ample natural light
– Biophilic design with a strong connection to the landscape and a view to the sky through use of floor to ceiling windows and doors and a glazed gable end
– Off-grid eco retreat

View through bush towards Mi Cielo Lodge eco retreat
Living Room in off-grid eco retreat with glazing windows
A potted plant stand and chopped timbers
Dining and lounge room in off-grid timber cabin
Timber house with a pitched roof in bush setting
From the architect:

The project is a work in progress which is constantly adapting to its environment. While all the cabins share the same materials and construction system, each simple design has its own personality; distinguished by their interiors, location and architectural program. Thanks to the help of local constructors and their collaboration with the owners and architects we achieved a space which generates consciousness and respect towards the environment.

Images courtesy of Raúl Galindo + Patricio Galindo and Mi Cielo Lodge. Photography by WalikingMexico and Maureen M. Evans
Via www.archdaily.com

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