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Prefab & off-grid No Footprint House by A-01 Architects

Angled facade view of Prefab & off-grid No Footprint House surrounded by trees
Operable facade door panels door of No Footprint House
Homeowner in the corner of operable facade wood panels window of No Footprint House

No Footprint House by A-01 Architects uses natural ventilation and solar shading to respond to the humid, tropical climate of Ojuchal, a small village at the edge of a tropical rainforest in Costa Rica. The prefab & off-grid house was designed as a prototype for affordable and sustainable living in tropical environments, with a series of configurations available. The floating steel structure minimises the impact on the site and operable timber facade shades can respond to the changing weather. 

Open operable facade window panels leading inside to dining area
Kitchen and dining area with wood floors inside No Footprint House

The sloped facade is both beautiful and practical as it protects the house from solar glare and rain. The upper section of the house remains permanently open, assuring unobstructed airflow and cross-ventilation, with panels of mosquito netting protect the house from insects.

I love how lightly the house sits in it’s surrounding environment. What’s your favourite part of this house?

Bedroom with sliding glass door inside the No Footprint House
Eco Edition_A-01_No Footprint Home_architecture interiors 2
Aerial view of Prefab & off-grid No Footprint House surrounded by trees

Sustainability specs:
– The house was prefabricated off site to ensure building efficiency
– Cross ventilation is used for cooking
– Operable facade panels are used to regulate air flow
– Water is harvested and heated via solar energy
– Angled facade is designed to protect the house from glare and rain
– Prefab & off-grid

From the architect:

The No Footprint Home is organized around a central service core, which includes all machinery, intelligence, closets, bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry area. The compression of utilities in one compact unit enables an open floor plan all around the core. Moreover, it contributes to the building’s efficiency in terms of assembly and maintenance.

Images courtesy of A-01 Architects. Photography by Fernando Alda and Manduca Audiovisual

Via ArchDaily


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