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North Bondi House by James Garvan Architecture

A man stands in front of the façade of North Bondi House.
A man opening the operable facades North Bondi House
A hallway separates the kitchen area from the timber stairway

When three friends who are an architect, interior designer and a builder collaborate on a sustainable home you can only expect a well considered result. North Bondi House is a re-imagined take on a traditional semi-detached home which typically have problems with limited sunlight, little connection to the outdoors and an even lower consideration of sustainability attributes. The owner, who is also the builder, laid down the challenge to solve all three of these problems and the resulting eye-catching white home does that in spades.

View of the large skylights over the home’s core by James Garvan Architecture
Large skylights in the hallway going to the bedroom

To bring sunlight deep into the home the architect, James Garvan Architecture, placed large skylights over the home’s core which floods the house with light and provides glimpses of the sky as you move through the space. Operable facades and screening were installed to allow for cross ventilation, easy access to views and for solar control.

The gorgeous white facade provides a modern and minimalistic reference to the geometry of the property next door.

Close-up view of the operable facade and windows of North Bondi House
White walled bedroom with timber operable window and ceiling fan
View from the door of bathroom area with timber vanity top

Sustainability specs:
– Solar panels supply 100% of the home’s energy
– Large rainwater tanks provide the majority of the home’s water
– Durable and low-embodied materials used throughout
– Cross ventilation and solar protection provided by operable screens
– Skylights are used to bathe the house in light, lowering electricity requirements

Distant view of the mini-pool and open living area from the patio
Detailed view of the operable facade of the North Bondi House
North Bondi House ground floor draft
North Bondi House first floor draft
North Bondi House draft
From the architect, James Garvan Architecture:

The optimistic intent is to advance the traditional semi-detached housing type to better reflect the contemporary social and cultural context of Bondi. The unadvanced, ornate and traditional context inspired an optimistic, ambitious and contemporary response. Paired with its ornate neighbour and set amongst the backdrop of vernacular semi-detached houses, the project relies on the simplicity, clarity and strength of the geometric refence to traditional gable-ended semi-detached houses.

Images courtesy of James Garvan Architects. Photography by Kat Lu

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