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Campervan with a green roof and solar power

Designed by ERA Architects, the RV or campervan is a self-sufficient mobile home which is powered by solar and has a green roof and a rainwater collection tank. The open structure caravan is an innovative protoype, currently available for holiday-goers in vineyards near Barcelona.

Sitting atop the van is the gorgeous green roof with a rainwater tank that works by a capillary motion – moving water across the roof through small tubing. This system can hold up to 100 litres of water at a time. The green roof also provides thermal insulation and helps to provide a cool interior. No more swelteringly hot caravan holidays!

Campervan set up in vineyards with outdoor tables and chairs

Nestled in the middle of the green roof is the single solar panel which can produce up to 50W and is retained in a battery which powers the small ceiling and bedside lights, and allows guests to charge mobile phones. The French battery producer donates a percentage of their sales to a nonprofit organisation in Africa.

Campervan with rooftop solar panel and green roof
Close up of rooftop solar panel and greenroom on Pinea mobile camper

Sustainable materials have been used throughout this self-sufficient mobile home. Certified timber, painted with accents of salmon-pink, was used to make the large bed, table, chairs and storage furniture. Cork has been used for the flooring, which feels great underfoot plus it provides insulation from the heat and cold and it helps with soundproofing too. Natural cork comes from the bark of cork trees, which can live between 100-200 years so it is a long-term renewable resource. It is a dream material which contains a natural substance called suberin which fends off mold and mildew. As a nod to the wine region in which the van sits, cork stoppers have been used instead of gravel on the green roof. The Barcelona-based architects have designed the prototype to be made from locally sourced materials, including the rooftop vegetation sourced from nearby Catalonia.

Rear view of eco campervan with green roof and solar panels
Inside view of eco-camper with dining table and bed
Queen size bed in off-grid camper with solar and green roof
Looking inside off-grid EV with dining table, desk and bed
View across vineyards towards eco off-grid EV
Diagram of off-grid camper and features

Unzip and rollup the protective exterior fabric, made from sustainable textiles, to enjoy the lush green views of the Xarello vineyards and castle of Sant Marti Sarroca. All four sides of the mobile suite are able to be opened up which provides unimpeded cross ventilation through the built in mosquito net. Roll the exterior fabric back down at night to settle in for a cosy dinner at the small dining setting, perhaps sampling some of the local wines and fresh produce.

To read more, or to make a booking through Airbnb, click here

Images courtesy of ERA Architects. Photography by Esteve Serra

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