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Cyclist riding past prefabricated modular home
Modular prefab home
Foldable chair and potted pants in the rooftop wintergarden

Design studio Wald.City designed and conceived the habitat prototype as part of a one year research project at the French Academy in Rome, exploring new forms of housing. The designers have set out to provide a solution for the increasing need for flexibility and the increased demand for home office space.

Proto Habitat is made from 100% locally sourced timber and is prefabricated, modular, fully dismountable, relocatable and flexible. The timber is sourced from sustainably managed forests within 500km of the Bordeaux region. All products are supplied from companies who have responsible waste management procedures and responsible sourcing.

Timber doors on timber modular home
Prefabricated modular home under construction

The three story prototype features 4 different zones – services, open space, private space and a rooftop winter garden. The services module runs up one side of the building and houses the stairs, a kitchen on the ground floor and a bathroom on the mezzanine level. The ground floor has been designated for open space, the mezzanine is a private space modular and the fully glazed wintergarden captures the sun and surrounding views.

With a small footprint of only 30sqm, the light fill buildings could be used as as tiny homes, holiday homes, granny flats or office space. The base unit can be added to to become a row of small apartments. I can imagine how gorgeous these would look all painted different colours as a row of holiday homes.

Related project: The FLEXSE is another small footprint, prefab home. You can read about it here

Wintergarden with timber structure
View from mezzanine down to ground floor with potted plants and chairs
Distant view of modular prefabricated all timber home under construction

Sustainability specs:
– Timber prefab home
– 100% of timber sourced locally from sustainably managed forests within 500km of the Bordeaux region
– Prefabricated
– Fully dismountable and transportable
– Relocatable and can be assembled within 5 days
– Modular – can be adapted and expanded to suit different uses
– Flexible uses
– Can be installed on a variety of sites

Timber framed windows from mezzanine level of modular prefab
View across park towards modular prefabricated home
Side view of modular timber prefabricated home
Wald.City Proto Habitat axonometric
Wald.City Proto Habitat exploded axonometric
From the architect:

Conceived with a principle of neutral spaces without preconceived functions, the spaces can be adapted to different life equation and living/working balances following easily its inhabitant lifestyle. They are spaces to live, work, make offering quality and simplicity, frugality, and flexibility.

Images courtesy of Wald.City. Photography by Wald.City

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