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Timber clad off-grid cabin in the woods
Timber kitchen with timber kitchen base cabinet inside the timber clad cabin
Fireplace inside timber clad off-grid cabin

Sitting on the edge of a lake, in a densely wooded area of the Adirondack Mountains in New York state, this off-grid cabin has no road access, everything from excavators, large structural timber elements, windows, solar panels to the kitchen sink needed to be delivered to site on a boat or barge.

Designed by Stonorov Workshop Architects, this sustainable cabin was designed with the wellness of the family in mind by connecting the family to the natural environment. Given the remote location, the home depends solely on solar panels to run the water pump and to provide electricity. Locally sourced and milled timber has been used extensively in the framing, external cladding, deck, timber flooring, joinery, wall lining, window frames and furniture. Large oversized windows in almost every room, wash the home with ample natural light and provide serene views of the lake and woods.

View of lake and woods surrounding off-grid timber cabin
Timber dining table in a cabin with timber walls and floor

To honour the pristine location of the site, a fundamental goal of the project was to minimise any impact the home has on the land. This resulted in some creative thinking around construction methods with cranes and large equipment being an unacceptable risk to the landscape. Rather than restricting the design, these goals and the constraints of the sloping and remote site, provided great inspiration for the architects.

The site has been owned by the family for five generations and the new cabin was designed to be as compact as possible while providing a comfortable family getaway. Despite the small footprint the home sleeps up to six people with priority of space given to share family activities such as cooking and sharing meals. The deck overlooking the lake provides an ideal space for casual family meals and relaxation.

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View of timber off-grid cabin looking towards lake
Loft master bedroom with timber floor and ceiling
Timber deck of off-grid cabin

Sustainability specs:
– Off-grid cabin
– Passive solar design
– Materials in their rawest form have been used
– Zero VOC finishes
– Locally sourced materials used where possible
– Constructed predominantly from locally sourced Hemlock timber, sustainably harvested
– Timber frame, timber cladding, timber flooring, timber furniture, timber joinery
– Designed to be as small as possible
– Large amounts of glazing to provide natural lighting
– Off-grid home
– Solar panels used to run the water pump and electricity
– Considerable thought was given to minimising any need for tree removal on this densely wooded site
– Septic waste is treated onsite
– Wood heater used for heating
– Raised off the ground to allow for minimal disturbance to the existing ecosystem
– Wellness of the inhabitants was a design consideration

View from the lake looking up at timber off-grid cabin during Fall
View of woods from timber cabin
Timber stairs with timber wall lining
Timber lined bedroom window with view to woods
Detail of timber bench seat with blue cushions
From the architect:

With few exceptions, everything in the camp is bespoke and hand made. The basic building structure is a wood clad timber frame joined with steel components. Light building assembly and foundation requirements reflect that all materials and labor must be brought to the site by relatively small trailerable boats. Natural light is paramount as this camp is off-grid.

Images courtesy of Stonorov Workshop Architects. Photography by Tolya Stonorov

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