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Tamarama House by Modscape and Fox Johnston Architects

Distant view of the Tamarama House by Modscape and Fox Johnston Architects
Open-air kitchen and dining area with sliding glass door and timber furniture
Louvred roof in the courtyard

Within walking distance from the beachfront, the client’s brief for Tamarama House was for a home with passive design principles and a strong connection with the outdoors to suit their lifestyle and the location of the home. This blackened timber-clad modular home does this by capturing sunlight in winter and the use of moveable screens and deep eaves keeps it comfortable throughout the hotter months. Additionally, the clever design ensures it optimises natural light and cross ventilation.

The living and dining area walls are a blend of white and wood
Aerial view of the timber stair with floor-to-ceiling wood screen

The modular construction method used by modscapeaus saw the house built offsite in their factory within 12 weeks and onsite works were completed 6 weeks later. The house was designed by Fox Johnston Architects and adapted to suit a modular construction method by Modscape.

A passageway with a timber stairway and railing
The movable timber batten window screen in the bedroom provides a glimpse of the trees.
Open-air kitchen and dining area with timber countertop and sliding glass window

Sustainability specs:
– Modular construction built offsite in a controlled factory environment, reduces site waste and environmental impact
– Passive heating and cooling
– Cross ventilation used to cool the house
– High thermal insulation
– Moveable timber battened screens to prevent solar heat gain
– Windows and skylights maximise natural light
– Louvred windows and roof exhaust to encourage cross-ventilation
– Double glazed windows
– Remnants of the old sandstone foundations have been re-used in the new landscape design
– Low to zero VOC paints, products, adhesive and sealants
– Durable materials

Distant front view of the Tamarama House by Modscape and Fox Johnston Architects
Distant view of the Tamarama House by Modscape and Fox Johnston Architects when light are turned on
White walls and a floor to ceiling timber wood railing in the hallway
White walled bathroom with a wall-mounted timber vanity top
From the architect, Fox Johnston Architects:

To manage sun and strong winds on the beachside site, Fox Johnston fine-tuned the arrangement of modules and façade treatment. Operable timber-battened windows screens capture sunlight in winter and filter it in summer, while adding textural layers to the façade. Skylights and clerestory windows also help maximise interior light while aiding cross ventilation.

Images courtesy of Modscape. Photography by John Madden

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