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Thang House by VTN Architects

A plant-shaded courtyard with a stairway that leads to the rooftop
Distant view of the balcony surrounded by plants
Close-up view of indoor pond with fruit-bearing plants.
Inside green home indoor river pond

Thang House is a home with a “green lung” which provides filtered air, diffused light and the aroma of grass and flowers throughout the house. The client’s brief asked for a house which provided fresh air, surrounded by grassland and tropical greenery that reminded him of his rural childhood, on a site located in the heart of the rapidly developing city of Danang in Vietnam. Sounds easy, right?

Aerial view of the indoor pond in Thang House with plants surrounding it.
Distant view of indoor pond with plants surrounding it.
Indoor river pond

The architects, VTN Architects, solved this brief by designing the home around a verdant courtyard which provides views of greenery from most rooms. Additionally, any green space lost during construction has been replaced with a rooftop orchard, which also acts as thermal insulation for the home.

The home is largely self-sufficient with an automatic water recycling system circulating water between the fish pond, rooftop orchard and the planted areas, solar heated water and PV solar system providing for the home’s energy requirements.

Thang House living and dining with white walls and timber furniture
A dimly lit hallway with black railings leading to the bathroom
White and timber theme dining and living room with television
Glass door leading to the open bathroom with potted plants

Sustainability specs:
– Rooftop orchard providing fruit and vegetables
– Significant use of plants to help cool the home and filter the air
– Solar heated water
– PV solar system
– Water recycling system for irrigation
– Locally sourced and robust, low maintenance building materials such as stone and brick
– Biophilic design utilising views of greenery, sky and the pond

Aerial view of the Rooftop orchard of the Thang House
Building draft of the Thang House
Third floor draft of the Thang House
Second floor draft of the Thang House
First floor draft of the Thang House
From the architect:

Vietnam is known for being an agricultural country, and being able to produce food in the city center sets the founding concept of this project.

We believe that “Thang House” will be covered with tropical green throughout year, creating a quiet and peaceful space for the family, and becoming one of the “green lungs” in this rapidly developing city.

Images courtesy of VTN Architects. Photography by Hiroyuki Oki

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