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That’s Caffeine range made from recycled coffee grounds

Sustainable materials coffee table
Bio-based product design coasters

That’s Caffeine is a unique material created from recycled coffee grounds. Designed by UK industrial designer, Atticus Durnell, it looks and feels like granite and it’s lightweight, sustainable and biodegradable. The bio-based material is made from coffee grounds typically sent to landfill, combined with bio binders, minerals and plant based resin. It’s a water and heat resistant product, making it perfect for interior and exterior products and projects and can be seen to be a sustainable alternative to plastic.

Biobased coffee table and stool coffee grounds
Biobased floor lamp coffee grounds

The That’s Caffeine range includes a floor lamp, coffee table, coasters, stool and a pen/trinket holder. There are 5 colour variations, all available in a gloss finish but a project specific colour could be produced on request.

The Bio-based sustainable biodegradable range was inspired by a desire to help divert coffee waste to landfill. In the UK alone, more than half a million tonnes of coffee waste is generated every year, the majority of which is sent to landfill. This, in turn, creates almost 2 million tonnes of C02 emissions. With the amount of daily coffee consumption growing constantly, That’s Caffeine aims to be part of the solution in making use of the waste by turning it into something long-lasting.

Close up of bio-based floor lamp made from coffee grounds
Close up of bio-based coffee table and coffee cups
Close up of biobased cups with coffee powder and beans

Atticus believes that designers hold responsibility for shaping the future of our planet and hopes his work has a global impact on future energy and waste consumption.

You can purchase the bio-based, sustainable and biodegradable That’s Caffeine range online from www.atticusdurnell.com

Coffee table made from coffee grounds bio-based material
Coffee table top made from coffee grounds bio-based material
Detailed view of coffee table made from coffee grounds bio-based material
Coaster made from coffee grounds bio based material
Stool made from coffee grounds bio-based materials
From the designer:

The world as we know it is going to drastically change. In the next 10-20 years, the items we are used to and take for granted might become a rarity. It’s all due to a misconception regarding the abundance of raw materials. Even at this moment, we are running out of petrol, sand or precious metals which are essential in production of plastics, concrete and technology. This is why That’s Caffeine is set to find the alternatives to this impending scenario before it’s too late.

Images courtesy of Atticus Durnell. Photography supplied by Atticus Durnell

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