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THE 20/20 House – The windows are going in – Part 38

House with scaffolding

The Gruen Eco Design blog about how to convert your dream of an energy efficient home into a reality.



The team from Sanctum Homes is working too fast at the moment…. I can’t keep up with the blog posts ?

Therefore, here comes a bit of a summary.

Some of you might remember the landscape dilemma we had with our current place. Or rather the lack thereof. Our backyard used to be an overgrown jungle. We left it neglected for years. And only after living in the house for almost 5 years did we start working on the garden and the decking. And we had promised ourselves to never neglect the landscaping again ?

Well, here we go, almost halfway through our construction and we don’t have a clear idea about the landscaping just yet. But we have finally engaged a landscape designer. We will be working with Nadia and the team from Platylobium.

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The 20/20 House blog follows the journey of home owner Simone Schenkel of Gruen Eco Design. To read previous posts, and more info about her project Click here

Story excerpt published courtesy of Gruen Eco Design. Photography by Gruen Eco Design


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