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Two off-gird cabins made from glass and timber that are surrounded by trees
Bed inside the off-the-grid cabin, with a view of the sky and nature.
A woman standing in front of the off-grid cabin made of glass and timber surrounded by trees

Skyward Cabin in Canada features a glass roof and wall for stargazing or watching storms roll in from the comfort of the cozy bed. This 80 square foot off-grid cabin is made of glass and timber so guests can immerse themselves in the surrounding forest and sleep under the stars at night. Guests can open up the large bifold front doors and a hatch over the bed to expose themselves to the elements to completely connect with nature or they can tuck themselves away and simply enjoy the view.

a cabin off the grid in the wintertime, surrounded by snow
A woman sitting on the stair step outside the off-grid cabin

Situated on 75 acres of forest, the cabin is part of The Edward bed and breakfast accommodation in Prince Edward County and was designed and built by co-owner Payam Shalchian. Despite the cabin being completely isolated from the rest of the dwellings on the property, guests are still provided with the full bed and breakfast experience. Doesn’t that sound amazing!

Off-grid cabin made of glass and timber close-up view
Two off-gird cabins made from glass and timber that are surrounded by trees

Sustainability specs:
– 100% Solar power
– Composting toilet
– Fire pit or wood stove for cooking
– No heating or cooling is used
– Constructed from locally sourced Canadian red cedar

Nighttime view of an off-grid cabin built of timber and glass that is surrounded by trees
A woman sleeping in the off-grid cabin
Images courtesy of The Edward Bed & Breakfast. Photography by Brooke Stephenson of Found my Thrill

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