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The ImPossible House – 27 Sept 2021

3D The Impossible House

Interpreting The ImPossible House Brief: My Architect Explains How He’s Going to Make My Dream Come to Life

As part of my mission to be transparent about every part of my building process, I asked architect Paul Adams of Fairweather Homes to describe the briefing and design process.

Now that we’ve just had the DA approved (WOOHOO!) we thought it would be good to take a look at how Paul took my (very very specific) design brief and is working with interior designer Denby Dowling to bring that to life.

How would you describe my sustainable house design brief?

What this project is about really is a desire to demonstrate sophisticated, urban, contemporary living and living environmentally responsibly without showing that there are any hardships or design or aesthetic compromises.

The building has to look and feel smart. It must be light filled, with connections to the sky, the outdoors and surroundings. Because you’re outward looking, we’re not creating inward spaces. It’s about up and out, light bright spaces. As you always say, “not dark and dingy!”

What’s the overall approach to design?

Our design approach for the exterior is to be fairly neutral in terms of richness of materiality. It’s really about the form – which is where prefab comes into the mix, in terms of creating a building that’s able to be prefabricated but also has an architectural element to it.

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Story excerpt published courtesy of The ImPossible House. Photography by The ImPossible House


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