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The Longhouse shed contains an unexpected world

Timber floored hallway leading to courtyard
Kitchen-dining area with Polycarbonate roof
Rear view of Hill Daylesford Longhouse in the grassland

The Longhouse is a 110 meter linear shed which houses a home, a boutique farm, garden kitchen, cooking school and reception venue. Set on a 20 acre property in Daylesford, Victoria which looks out over rolling paddocks to bushland, the majestic views belie a harsh environment which is difficult to manage.

Distant view of passive house surrounded by greenery
Timber floor hallway with open door leading to another room

The owners moved to the area to pursue their interests in agriculture and hospitality so architects Partners Hill came up with the ingenious solution of combining the elements of everyday living – working, storage and making under one roof, referencing a Palladian tradition. This giant greenhouse resolves an unworkable list of hurdles, from agressive weather conditions, sparadic rainfall, grazing local fauna and shallow planting depths by providing a built form ‘big enough and protected enough for the landscape to flourish, inside’.

You must check out the website for the Longhouse! The tours and cooking school sound fantastic. Actually, it ALL sounds fantastic – think I’ll be adding Daylesford Longhouse to my list of places to stay. www.daylesfordlonghouse.com.au

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Polycarbonate roof indoor timber courtyard with greenery
Brick and timber design indoor courtyard with polycarbonate roofing
Timber floor courtyard full of greenery

Sustainability specs:
– Rainwater harvested in 340,000 tanks and used in the building and for firefighting
– Built to passive house standards with minimal heating and cooling requirements
– Constructed with minimal footings with a gravel floor
– Future provision for solar array and battery storage to allow the building to be off-grid
– Differing types of cladding optimise solar penetration and shading
– Windows and large openings control ventilation
– Flexibility in how to use the spaces

Timber clad interior
A vehicle inside the metal garage
Sitting area with log-burning stove
White brick tile with yellow line all over bathroom
Light blue wall bedroom with open sliding window
From the architect:

The farm’s various agricultural and hospitality activities are consolidated in a single 110m long mannered shed. The internalized productive landscape is afforded protection from the locale’s hostility, rainfall is harvested and stored to ensure regular supply.

Images courtesy of Partners Hill. Photography by Rory Gardiner
Via www.archdaily.com

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