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Distant view of the three shipping container houses with rooftop solar panels and floating roof
The exterior of the shipping container house with timber surrounded by greenery
The homeowner is reading a book on the sofa in the living room

This striking shipping container house in Victoria, Australia is made up of three reused 20ft shipping containers, each protected by it’s own floating roof which houses the photovoltaic solar panels. The containers have been orientated north to bath the home in natural light and joined by two links, which house the laundry, additional pantry and wardrobe space.

The architects, Modhouse, have cleverly incorporated storage throughout the home so it’s a highly functional yet uncluttered and streamlined tiny home with the custom made lounge and bed also containing large storage drawers underneath

White and plywood theme small kitchen with double glazed timber framed windows
Dining area with a dining set and ceiling fan

One of the fantastic elements of the design is that the owners can quite simply add an additional container to the home if more bedrooms are required.

Small bedroom with a storage bed and timber framed glass windows inside the shipping container house
Timber and plywood hallway inside the shipping container house
Living room with plywood walls and a wood-burning stove inside the shipping container house

Sustainability specs:
– Shipping container house
– 7.1 star NatHERS rating
– Passive design with living spaces facing north
– Double glazed timber framed windows
– Reused shipping containers
– Insulation on external face and internally, in ceiling and under the floor
– Floating roof covering the containers provides solar shading
– Rooftop 3.75 Kw PV solar panels supply the majority of the home’s energy requirements for 2 people
– 30,000 litre rainwater tanks
– Zero VOC joinery
– Interior lined with plywood with low VOC finish
– Cross ventilation used for cooling, supplemented by ceiling fans
– Heating provided by a small, efficient wood heater
– Septic toilet using rainwater

Aerial view of the three shipping container houses with rooftop solar panels
Images courtesy of Modhouse. Photography by Modhouse

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