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Vegan Fashion Library shines a spotlight on innovative materials and industry innovators

Vegan Fashion Library showroom

The collection of clothing, footwear and accessories in the Vegan Fashion Library features innovative materials including apple, cactus and pineapple leather, wool alternatives, cruelty-free silk and natural plant dyes. Said to be a who’s who of responsible luxury brands, you can shop online or in person at the downtown Los Angeles showroom.

The popularity of vegan fashion has been gaining momentum in recent years and is expected and forecasted to grow substantially. What started as a choice to follow a vegan diet has inspired people to live by those ideals in other areas of their lives and the fashion industry is fast changing to produce products to satiate buyers needs. In 2019 the vegan fashion industry was worth just under $400 billion, for women’s fashion alone, and with more and more major brands adopting vegan beliefs, it should soon become a mainstream way to shop.

Close up of vegan clothes in Vegan Fashion Library

The showroom was created to showcase ethical designers who produce sustainable, innovative and ethical products. It was the brainchild of Emmanuelle Rienda, who founded Vegan Fashion Week in 2019. Rienda is a creative director in the fashion industry and an animal rights activist. The event was born out a sell-out conference series she launched to discuss ethical and cutting edge fashion and textile design called The Future of Fashion. It was such a resounding success that it compelled her to launch Vegan Fashion Week, which aims to be a platform for ethical fashion and countercultural perspective on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. It has helped bring attention to vegan fashion, which calls for the elimination of unfair labor practices, animal exploitation, and environmentally destructive processes.

The Vegan Fashion Library is not a new concept. There is a swelling tide of vegan retailers around the world but the exposure this showroom can provide, alongside Vegan Fashion Week, will help elevate the fashion industry to become more sustainably and ethically focussed. We need more beacons of change like this!

Shop online at:

For more information visit www.veganfashionweek.org

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