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Living room with an open glass door going to the patio next to the stairway
A woman is descending the living room's timber staircase with a black handrail

Warehouse Greenhouse is an adaptive re-use project in Brunswick, Victoria converting an old warehouse into a comfortable and sustainable family home. Much of the original building has been preserved and either left in place or reimagined. The existing concrete flooring and brick walls have been retained and the old roof has been repurposed into stair treds and ceiling trusses.

Black and white theme kitchen area inside the Warehouse Greenhouse
Detailed view of a black kitchen area with wood countertops and a black stool

Anything new added to be building for the new extension was selected for it’s sustainability attributes, such as the Eco-ply internal wall cladding (in lieu of plasterboard), Australian made bathroom tiles and other recycled or reused items such as bricks, decking, light fittings, timber and the toilet.

The home has been made comfortable for the family through it’s new air tight protective inner shell and is passively heated and cooled via a ventilation system. Ceiling fans are also used in the warmer months.

There are many gorgeous pockets of potted gardens throughout the home which help to soften the home and provide a connection to nature, which you wouldn’t ordinarily experience in a building such as this, and makes for a restful, comfortable and downright gorgeous family home.

A kid was seated in front of the patio's glass door with potted plants
Timber-floored patio with potted pants and glass windows
Black and white theme kitchen-dining room with glass windows that has hanging plants

Sustainability specs:
– There is a very, very long list of specs (which is bloody fabulous) so I’ll only have room to list the main ones.
– Adaptive re-use of old warehouse
– Airtight and draught proof through extensive insulation in walls, ceiling, floor
– Heat recovery and heat exchange ventilation system
– Ceiling fans used for cooling
– Eco-ply internal cladding
– Recycled timber kitchen bench, stair treds an trusses
– 3000L slimline rainwater storage tank
– All electric home
– Efficient appliances and lighting

Australian-made bathroom tiles inside the Warehouse Greenhouse
Brick walls and a cabinet with a sliding door next to it
Corner view of a black loaf bed with an under-bed cabinet
Concrete-floored living area with glass walls and windows inside the Warehouse Greenhouse
Exterior view of Warehouse Greenhouse brick walls
From the architect:

The approach was to harness the embodied energy of the existing building; to keep as much as possible and add only what was necessary. This project is an exercise in considered restraint. The clients care deeply about the environment and worked with us, meticulously, to build a hand crafted, beautifully insulated small footprint family home.

Images courtesy of Breathe Architecture. Photography by Tom Ross
Via www.sustainablehouseday.com

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