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Weft Textiles 100% organic luxury bedlinen

100% organic blue doona cover on timber bed

There aren’t many things nicer in life than slipping into a bed made of clean and comfy sheets at the end of the day, but when those sheets are sustainability made from 100% organic flax based linen – that comfort factor goes up to a whole new level!

Weft Textiles are a bedding, homewares and loungewear studio dedicated to social and environmental responsibility. Their ranges are made from 100% organic and sustainably made flax based linens and cottons and use natural plant dyes, certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The team ensure no chemicals are using in the making of any of their products.

Timber wall and bed with white doona cover
Rack of Weft Textiles clothing in store

A textile product carrying the GOTS label grade organic must contain a minimum of 95% certified organic fibres whereas a product with the label grade ‘made with organic’ must contain a minimum of 70% certified organic fibres. Weft aims to sustain environmental and social benefits at every stage of the making, beginning with the way in which the plants for their textiles are grown and harvested, through to manufacturing processes.

Bed made with Weft Textiles against timber lined wall
Weft Textiles sage colour cushions
Woman standing on beach shore wearing Weft Textiles clothing

Weft work closely with Australian based family-owned manufacturing companies to produce their garments. They are supporters of the slow fashion movement and are committed to producing small scale, limited edition products. Their bedding range, for example is so gorgeous and dreamy that you’ll never want to get rid of it anyway!

Bedroom with Weft Textiles bedlinen and timber lined wall
Weft Textiles white and sage green throw rugs

Inspired by travels to South East Asia and the Caribbean, the colourways are relaxed and subtle, evoking a laid back and grounded lifestyle. Colours such as natural, sage, cumulus, rose, indigo, amber, charcoal and white can be easily teamed with almost any interior or garment, and they muted tones ensure they can easily be mixed and matched together.

The aesthetic is minimalist and luxurious, and the highest quality fabrics will ensure that you’ll be enjoying these products for many years to come.

Woman wearing white Weft Textiles kimono
Timber bed made with white Weft Textiles pillow and doona cover
Woman wearing natural coloured singlet from Weft Textiles

To shop their range, head over to www.weft-textiles.com

Indigo coloured 100% organic cotton Weft Textiles
Weft Textiles 100% organic natural coloured kimono
Images courtesy of Weft Textiles. Photography by Jonathan van der Knaap

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