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Street view of the Jungle House with green roofs
Living area with big brown couch and timber cladding ceiling
Timber bar counter area with a view of potted plants through glass walls

Welcome to the Jungle House in Darlington, Sydney is an absolute master class in sustainable design and was the 2019 winner of the Australian National Sustainability Awards in 2 categories. This house has been designed as a “machine of sustainability”, with a range of passive and active systems working together to ensure the home operates efficiently in terms of energy consumption while still maintaining an exceptional level of thermal comfort and livability.

View of the stairs from inside with potted plant in the step. Walls, ceiling and stairs made of timber
A child walking down the timber stair foyer

CplusC Architectural Workshop have designed the sustainable systems to be easy to use and low on maintenance and serves as a example of how to integrate sustainability to buildings of any scale.

If you’d like to visually walk through this house, head over to the _cplusc_ instagram page and watch the Better Homes and Gardens segment on the house. It will blow your little green mind!

There are so many things to love about this house. What do you like the most?

Close up view of the living area with an open wooden window and a wall-mounted painting
Kitchen bar area with the view of potted plant behind glass walls
Close-up solar panels and a rooftop garden view outside the Jungle House

Sustainability specs:
– 4.2kW solar panels mounted on the external facade provide ample renewable energy for the house
– 3000L underground water tank
– Aquaponics fish pond
– Smart irrigation system which is hooked up to a weather app and waters the garden according to the forecasted weather
– Rooftop garden, vegetable garden, beehive, compost
– Thick masonry wall to provide thermal mass cooling and heating
– Ground floor underfloor heating which radiates up the stairwell to heat the house
– The stairwell is used to provide natural ventilation using a stack effect
– Robust, natural materials which require little if any maintenance
– Electric car charging station

Rooftop garden view
A masters bedroom made of timber with a big open window
Timber in bathroom ensuite
Street view of bright open windows with pants on it
Solar panels and a rooftop garden view outside the Jungle House during night
From the architect:

Architecture that is not only beautiful: an architecture which generates and stores power; an architecture which harvests and recycles water; an architecture which produces fruit, vegetables, sh and eggs; an architecture which recycles and reuses the waste it produces. Architecture that nourishes the mind, body and soul. Architecture where landscape, food, nature, garden, environment, energy, waste, water and beauty exist symbiotically.

Images courtesy of CplusC Architectural Workshop. Photography by Michael Lassman, Ryan Ng & Murray Fredericks

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