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Wiki Tribe Park is an eco village of timber cabins built by families

Timber cabins on hillside
Timber cabins under construction
Timber frame carried by family

Located in the Mogan River Valley of Huzhou in China, the park sits on 20 acres and was designed to connect people back to nature through architecture. It was designed in collaboration by Wiki World and Advanced Architecture Lab (AaL) with a group of parents and children constructing triangular shaped timber cabins.

Family sitting on deck of timber cabin
Timber lined interior of timber cabin with window at end

The timber cabins took only one month to construct and are made from a modular cross laminated timber (CLT) system which was prefabricated to aid in the ease and speed of construction. The construction methodology was designed to be as simple as possible, with a simplified materials palette – the cabins are made mostly from CLT, metal and glass.

The project encouraged collaboration between the parents and children who learnt the skills and knowledge to build their own homes which in turn empowers communities to build a more sustainable future. A pivotal part of this process is in making architecture an open source resource

The project was supported by UN-Habitat, World Children Campaign and 7 Billion Urbanists with the whole process following Goal 3 in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. UN-Habitat’s response to this goal states “through integrated urban planning, access to basic services, and access to decent and affordable housing, sustainable cities contribute to better health.

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Group of metal roofed timber cabins
Looking up a grassed hill towards timber cabins
Aerial view of timber cabins

Sustainability specs:
– Project aims to teach people of all ages how to build their own housing
– Each cabin was constructed in approx one month
– Cross laminated timber (CLT) was the predominant material used
– Prefabrication was used simply and speed up the construction time
– Raised off the ground to lessen the impact on the landscape
– Naturally lit via large windows at either end of the structure
– Fresh air via the entry door
– No connection to the grid – the structure is much like a solid tent

Party in front of timber cabins
Timber cabin frame under construction
Timber frame of timber cabin
Wiki Tribe Park view of all cabins on hill
Aerial view of Wiki Tribe Park grounds
From the architect:

Wiki World is dedicated to link people with natural architecture. We believe that architect is a science full of joy. We wish that one day machine will not be the only method to build, architecture will be back to the hands of human beings.

Images courtesy of Wiki World and Advanced Architecture Lab (AaL). Photography by Arch Exist
Via www.designboom.com

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