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Wooden house in forest home blurs the lines between indoors & out

A side view of the wooden house's living room with the glass sliding doors open and trees in the background
The kitchen area is behind large couches in the living room.
All timber-constructed kitchen area

This minimalist wooden house was created as a space to live and move within the pine forest of Soulac-sur-Mer near Bordeaux in France. Architect Nicolas Dahan has created a biophilic home which completely immerses you in it’s surroundings and the lines are blurred between indoors and out through the low slung siting, use of timber on the floors, walls and ceilings and over two thirds of the walls are made up of glazing so you are connected with the view in all spaces of the home.

Interior of wooden kitchen area with glass walls and sliding doors
An open sliding glass door going to the kitchen and living area

The home is perfectly symmetrical, with 136 larch caissons and 136 okoume wood flooring panels and in order to achieve such precision, an on-site depot was built to shelter the construction and protect the timber from humidity, which could affect the near perfect finish. The craftsmanship of the interior structure of the home were much like techniques used for furniture which allows the structure to also be enjoyed as a feature in its own right.

A side view of the wooden house with the bedroom glass doors open and surrounded by trees
An enclosed bedroom with a glass wall and timber
Exterior timber door and wall with trees in the distance

Sustainability specs:
– Wooden house
– All timber construction – Larch beams, Okoume flooring, glulam and plywood
– Cross ventilation is used for cooling
– Prefabricated in workshop to maximise material efficiencies and ensure quality control and to minimise waste and impact to the site
– Maximising solar gain through large expanses of glazing
– Earth air heat pump
– Biophilic design

Distant view of wooden house with open sliding glass door going to the kitchen
View from a distance of the Nicolas Dahan-designed wooden house surrounded by trees
Sliding glass door leads to a large, open living room with couches
An orange couch and a glass table next to it inside a wooden house
A timber countertops and dining set inside the kitchen area with glass sliding doors
From the architect:

To enter the pine forest is to enter the house. The site itself is integral to the architecture. The pine and oak trees provide shelter from strong winds. The ocean, though not visible, is so close that the sound of the surf rhythms the day. Nature runs through the bedrooms and the living room. The house is built where the air flows.

Images courtesy of Nicolas Dahan. Photography by Vincent Leroux.
Via www.nicolasdahan.fr

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